What is the Bigggest Problem Roofers Face?

Roofing is a vital industry that ensures the safety, durability, and overall integrity of our homes and buildings. However, roofers often face a unique set of challenges in their line of work. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the biggest problem that roofers encounter and delve into other notable issues in the roofing industry. Understanding these challenges can help homeowners better empathize with their contractors and contribute to a smoother, more efficient roofing project.

The Biggest Problem: Skilled Labor Shortage

The most significant issue plaguing the roofing industry today is the shortage of skilled labor. With an aging workforce and a lack of younger talent entering the trade, the industry struggles to find and retain skilled workers. This problem can lead to several negative consequences, including:

  1. Increased project timelines a shortage of skilled labor can result in longer project durations, as companies struggle to meet deadlines with fewer workers. This can lead to frustration for homeowners and potential scheduling conflicts.
  2. Lower quality work When there is a lack of qualified workers, some roofing companies may be forced to hire less experienced or untrained individuals, potentially resulting in subpar workmanship and compromised roof quality.
  3. Higher costs as demand for skilled labor exceeds supply, wages may increase, leading to higher project costs for homeowners.

Additional Challenges in the Roofing Industry

  1. Roofers often face the challenge of working in unpredictable and sometimes harsh weather conditions. Rain, snow, high winds, and extreme temperatures can delay projects, make work more dangerous, and impact the quality of the finished product.
  2. Roofing is an inherently risky profession, with workers at risk of falls, injuries, and even fatalities. Companies must prioritize safety measures and training to protect their employees, which can add to their operating expenses.
  3. The industry is not immune to fluctuations in material costs. Increases in the price of raw materials, such as asphalt shingles, metal, and wood, can impact project budgets and force contractors to adjust their pricing structures.
  4. The roofing industry is highly competitive, with numerous companies vying for a limited number of projects. Roofers must constantly work to differentiate themselves from their competitors, offering unique value propositions to attract clients.


The biggest problem that roofers face is the skilled labor shortage, which can lead to increased project timelines, lower quality work, and higher costs. In addition to this pressing issue, roofers must contend with challenges such as adverse weather conditions, safety concerns, fluctuating material costs, and stiff competition. By understanding these challenges, homeowners can better appreciate the complexities of the roofing profession and work more effectively with their contractors to ensure a successful project outcome.

Abbie Wilson
Abbie Wilson has years of experience in the DIY & construction field having covered roofing, plumbing, and general DIY for various award-winning publications.

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