Producers New Heat Media, TMGroup Productions, and editor Richard Martinez of Analigital have teamed up to heighten the impact of “Picasso of Thieves”.

Award-winning female director Anna Cespedes and award-winning producer Carlos Cespedes of New Heat Media selected Richard Martinez of Analigital™ as the editor for their latest documentary.

Martinez will be flying in from Los Angeles to attend the documentary’s premiere later this month.

Martinez is known for his incredible career in film, having worked on successful and well-known projects such as Sphere (1998), Heat (1995), and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001).

Martinez expressed his excitement for being part of the captivating film and his company’s contribution to the piece of the puzzle of “Picasso’s” (a.k.a. Joselito Vega) mind.

The documentary features guest interview Noah Charney, Professor, Pulitzer Finalist Best-Selling Author and Historian of Art Crime that truly adds to the mindset within the film.

The film tells the story of an artful house painter who becomes adept at stealing art by Pablo Picasso.

Cespedes having worked with Ricky in the past decided to collaborate with him on this project as a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild and having an extensive resume creating documentaries through his Los Angeles based multimedia company, Analigital, the blend of Analog & Digital.

Abbey Wilson
Abbey Wilson
Abbie Wilson has years of experience in the DIY & construction field having covered roofing, plumbing, and general DIY for various award-winning publications.


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