How to take your own family photos with an iPhone

In a world where everyone is a potential photographer, there is no better way to preserve family moments than by photographing them right from your iPhone. In an era when everyone is a photographer, you can also learn to take family photos with just a few taps and swipes. You can also edit easily with apps like Adobe Lightroom which offer presets for phones.

A dash of creativity and your iPhone are all you need to create family portraits. Let’s dive in.

Find the Right Lighting

A photograph can be made or broken by lighting — it’s that simple. Choose natural light whenever possible. If you can afford to spend some money, invest in soft lights; they can help shape the photos quite nicely. 

If you’re shooting in the early morning, the sun may help. If you’re shooting later in the day, use room light to your advantage and any lights you have already in your house. You can always edit out the yellows in a post by tweaking some hues.

Use the Burst & action modes

The key to a memorable family photo is the moments around the image. Make them fun, wear a costume, and put on a fake moustache. Any little detail that will make memories will be great, even if you’re wearing a Christmas jumper your nan gave you a decade ago.

Edit Like a Pro

You guessed it, editing is the final process where your photos really come to life. Use built-in editing tools in your camera or explore Adobe Lightroom, VSCO or Instagram’s editing tools. Tune up exposure, colour balance, and sharpness. Remember, a subtle edit can make a significant difference, so don’t be afraid to experiment with filters and adjustments.

Get ready to share

Before you start sharing on Facebook with your besties or work WhatsApp group, ensure your photos are safely backed up once you’ve captured those lovely family moments. 

Abbie Wilson
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