Guide: 21 Angel Number Meaning & Usage

There are lots of meanings and significance to 21 (twenty-one). Here are a few:

  1. A composite number of 21 is odd in mathematics.
  2. The sum of 21 is a standard game of blackjack in sports.
  3. The legal drinking age in the US is 21.
  4. Depending on your culture, 21 is considered a milestone age.
  5. Adele’s album 21 is called “21.”

I think it’s worth noting that the importance of 21 varies depending on the context and culture and thus as an angel number can have a different meaning for each person. Here is our breakdown of twenty one as a number.

What is the number 21 trying to tell me?

21 could be telling you’re about to get lucky. It can also give you waves into a new life, an updated lifestyle — simply put it — change.

Is seeing 21 warning me of something?

21 isn’t usually seen as a warning on its own. The significance of 21 can vary depending on the context and cultural background, but it’s rarely associated with bad or ominous things. There are a lot of cases where the number 21 just shows up by coincidence. It can be a sign of luck coming.

You might want to consider other factors or ask an expert if you have a specific concern or are experiencing unusual events.

Cultural stances on 21

  1. The number 21 has a lot of cultural significance in many cultures.
  2. As the age of legal adulthood, 21 is often considered a coming of age in Western cultures.
  3. “The World,” one of the Major Arcana cards, symbolizes completion, wholeness, and reaching one’s goals in Tarot.
  4. Native American cultures associate the number 21 with the 21 paths of power and 21 sacred dances.
  5. Shiva, the Hindu deity, is associated with the number 21 in Hinduism.
  6. As a path to enlightenment, 21 is the number of attributes of Bodhisattvas (enlightened beings).
  7. 21 is regarded as a significant number in some African cultures.

Is 21 a good tattoo number?

In order to decide whether 21 is a good tattoo number, it has to be personal and meaningful to the person getting it. A tattoo number like 21 might be symbolic to you because it marks your 21st birthday or symbolizes a special event or experience that happened on the 21st.

How to say 21 in 30 different languages

  1. English: Twenty one
  2. Spanish: Veintiuno
  3. French: Vingt et un
  4. German: Einundzwanzig
  5. Italian: Ventuno
  6. Portuguese: Vinte e um
  7. Dutch: Eenentwintig
  8. Russian: Двадцать один
  9. Japanese: にじゅういち (ni-ju-ichi)
  10. Chinese (Mandarin): 二十一 (èr shí yī)
  11. Arabic: عشرة و عشرون (ashara wa ‘ashrun)
  12. Korean: 스무 원 (seu-moo-won)
  13. Hindi: बीस एक (bīs ēk)
  14. Bengali: বিশ (biś)
  15. Indonesian: Dua puluh satu
  16. Swedish: Tjugoett
  17. Turkish: Yirmi bir
  18. Thai: ยี่สิบเอ็ด (yi-sip-et)
  19. Greek: Είκοσι ένα (eikosi ena)
  20. Danish: Enogtyve
  21. Polish: Dwadzieścia jeden
  22. Norwegian: Tjueen
  23. Finnish: Kahdeksantoista
  24. Czech: Dvacet jedna
  25. Hungarian: Húsz egy
  26. Ukrainian: Двадцять один (dvadtsat’ odyn)
  27. Croatian: Dvadeset jedan
  28. Serbian: Двадесет и један (dvadeset i jedan)
  29. Slovenian: Dvaindvajset
  30. Bulgarian: Двадесет и едно (dvadeset i edno)


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