Cromapol: A Fibre-Enriched Acrylic Solution for Immediate Roof Waterproofing

Cromapol, a fibre-infused liquid acrylic rooftop paint dispersed in a solvent, is expertly designed to obstruct the penetration of water. Its abundant fibres enable the coating to bridge minor gaps, necessitating only a single coat for instantaneous waterproofing. Cromapol is available in Mid Grey, White, and Black, as well as an Opaque fibre-free variant. Utilising Cromapol provides numerous advantages such as exceptional adhesion, instant protection, no wash-off, outstanding solar reflectivity (White & Grey), reinforced membrane (excluding the fibre-free option), one coat application, seamless finish, full flexibility, and cost-effective waterproofing—saving you a few quid!

This rooftop paint is suitable for safeguarding an assortment of surfaces, including flat and pitched roofs, skylights, flashings, fibre cement sheets, gutters, slate, asphalt, lead, metal, and primed roofing felt. To correctly apply Cromapol, it is crucial to clear all debris for a dust-free surface and eradicate moss and lichen using AlphaChem Fungicidal Wash. Additionally, the area requiring repair should be void of standing water, with all cracks, splits, small apertures, and flashings repaired before application.

Applying Cromapol Paint

Cromapol can be effortlessly applied using a brush, roller, or squeegee, and is suitable for damp surfaces, although optimum results are achieved on dry surfaces. These application guidelines serve as general advice and do not constitute a guarantee of product performance. Comprehensive application instructions for specific surfaces and purposes can be obtained from Cromar Building Products.

Please note that the ideal application temperature ranges from 5-25°C, with drying time lasting up to a week, depending on temperature and coating thickness. The product may remain soft for an additional duration, but this does not compromise its waterproofing capabilities. On average, Cromapol covers a surface area of 1-2 square metres and possesses a 12-month shelf life in undamaged, tightly sealed containers.

Safely Storing Cromapol

Store Cromapol indoors at temperatures between 5°C and 20°C, away from ignition sources and open flames, and out of children’s reach. Prior to application, inspect the surface and conduct adhesion tests. We do not recommend using this product on walkways, balconies, timber, or new concrete that may come into contact with solvents or oils.

Abbey Wilson
Abbey Wilson
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