Best FIFA 23 Young RB / LB Wonderkids for Career Mode & Ultimate Team

The wing is a vital piece of attacking and defensive football in FIFA and in real-life football. This is why in this article, we’ll be focusing on some of the best young left-back players and right-back players. Some of the names on the list are already well-established, while others are fantastic steals for anyone under a small budget. So let’s get this ball rolling.

Davies (Potential – 89)

Alphonso Davies proved himself well for his home country of Canada in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, playing various roles for the team and even scoring in the group stages — solidifying himself as the star of the team. Since being at the German side, Bayern, Davies has developed a knack for forward runs, and this is reflected within his FIFA stats.

Davies is a left-footed player but has a four-star rated weak foot making him a solid player all around the field; he also possesses four-star skill moves with a high to low work rate balance. Davies’ most robust attributes are his movement in which he has high nineties for acceleration and sprint speed. Davies can also dribble the ball well with terrifying ball control that is helped with his crossing ability. Defensively, he isn’t world-class but certainly makes up for it with his overall game and impact on the field, pushing the ball forward for positive gameplay.

Summary: Fast-paced all-rounder with an expensive price tag from Bayern Munich.


Gvardiol (Potential – 89)

Croatia’s new star, Gvardiol had even more impact in the World Cup than Davies, aiding his national team in winning the bronze medal. Also, playing in Germany, this defensive maestro generally plays in the centre-back position but can be moved to left-back and right-back positions. Gvardiol is a work-horse, which is why he is essential to any all-star team moving forward in career mode or ultimate squad.

Gvardiol has superb defensive attributes for a 20-year-old and can grow into a world-class defender in quite a pacey period with enough minutes of the pitch. Gvardiol, like Davies, has a game face, so if you’re only building a team with real faces, then he’s fit for you. Moreover, the Croatian wall has decent power attributes and can head the ball on corners. At 185cm in height — he certainly is no joke. Weakness-wise, Gvardiol isn’t as fast as other wing players but certainly holds his own. He is a great investment, nonetheless.

Summary: He is a strong, well-rounded defender that will become a superstar if he carries on growing at his current pace.

Frimpong (Potential – 86)

Another German-based player is Dutch national Jeremie Frimpong, who like the two above, is in his very early 20s and has a mahoosive potential to become a true beast in any league. Frimpong possesses a fantastic pace and a solid work rate which will aid any team in their Champions League aspirations. While currently Frimpong’s player for Bayer 04 Leverkusen, he would certainly suit better within a more substantial side on FIFA 23.

Attribute-wise, Frimpong can cross the ball well and has enormous pace — a lot like Davies. While his potential is slightly lower than Davies’, he makes up for his price tag of $31.5 million. Frimpong also has a game face, and if you’re not looking to negotiate, he has a release clause available which comes at $59.9 million. With his versatile profile, Frimpong can play in defence and midfield, though his finishing does need a bit more work if you’re looking for a sporadic goal scorer.

Nuno Mendes (Potential – 88)

PSG’s Nuno Mendes is a well-established player for a 20-year-old already having played 18 times for the national side of Portugal alongside stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and Joao Felix. Like many other famous Portuguese players, Mendes began his career in Sporting CP — making 40 appearances. Mendes finally fully left the side in 2022 with a permanent move to the French Paris Saint-Germain side to join Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe.

As a FIFA player, he certainly can grow into a marvellous player with a lot to offer. Pace-wise, Mendes delivers well and can help teams move forward and pull back in the defensive. Mende’s considerable potent attributes are his acceleration, sprint speed, agility, and balance. His defensive attributes are there to grow, and so are his dribbling and ball control, making him a solid defensive left-back.

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