Bathroom Trends 2024

Our bathrooms are pillars of our home. Guests make big judgements on the design and cleanliness of our bathrooms. They are so important that many people keep them minimal in colour and presentation — scared to stray. But bathrooms are huge; in fact, Gitnux stated that the global market for bathroom products is expected to reach $92.6 billion by 2025.

But what do the experts say about trends? Let’s find out by looking at bathroom trends 2024.

Trends for Master Bathrooms

If you’re looking to scope out a master bathroom, then there are several trends that are going heavy, including steam showers. They help with the modern, relaxed lifestyle and ensure an excellent wellness centre within your own home.

In your master bathroom, you may have more room, so choosing a trendy, playful and vibrant wallpaper is also a good idea. Designers love incorporating unique walls into bathrooms, and they help bring out the depth of the tiles and marble surroundings.

Natural materials are still a go-to in contemporary bathrooms, so if you’re looking for bathroom renovation in 2024, choosing marble or wood tones could be a great way to keep it trendy.

Trends for Small Bathrooms

For small bathrooms, choosing natural materials like wood and marble are great options. As always try to keep them light and if you can include sufficient lighting. Use long mirrors for extra depth, which will also aid in giving the bathroom more size than it actually has. This keeps up with small bathroom designs.

In terms of colour for small bathrooms, our interior design experts suggest whites and off-whites. If you’re looking for a bit more glamour, then choosing an off-white colour will give more depth and richness while potentially bring more warmth if you choose correctly.

Smaller bathrooms thrive with great lighting
Smaller bathrooms thrive with great lighting

Bathroom Colour Trends

Peach, peach, and more peach. Well, sort of. Peach colours have taken by storm in 2024 and are here to stay for at least this year. Their warmth and pastel hues help integrate well with darker colours like green which aid to present your bathroom as luxury and sophisticated.

Earthy tones are still a big thing in bathroom design. From greens to browns, an earthy bathroom is a modern bathroom. We would like to add that choosing natural elements like plants and floating vanities could create a beautiful focal point in your bathroom and elevate your personal style.

Talking about darker colours, the 2024 trend to choose a moody bathroom is also quite popular. From dark navy to dark green colours, choosing a moody space can help create a more elevated design that reflects your personality and adds a surprise to your guests.

Bathroom Tile Trends

There are a few common trends peaking when it comes to bathroom tiles. This includes  those bathroom tiles used by Kendall Jenner. The constant tile trends are hard to upkeep, but here is what we know at Homaphy. Firstly, subway tiles are still very much in trend. Yes, it’s common, but it keeps a clean bathroom look, which aids in creating a calming atmosphere while looking homely and keeping classic elements central to your home.

Next, let’s take a look at textured tiles. There are lots of options available when it comes to textured tiles. From ceramic tiles to porcelain tiles, styles vary based on the type of texture you’re looking for. From rough rocky textures to clean glass-like styles. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Favourite Bathroom Trends 2024


With more clutter, space is essential. The push for more storage has increased. From neatly fitted cabinets to wall mirrored cabinets, the choice is wide but certainly a trendy and useful move when choosing a design for your bathroom.

Bathroom furniture

While space is a commodity, bathroom furniture is a great solution to bring a more relaxing mood to your bathroom. From utilising the floor space with vanity units, you could also opt for bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors, or simply a stylish worktop which could act as a storage unit; you certainly won’t need an interior designer for this.

Adding more space

While storage is a fantastic way to keep extra amenities, then choosing to create a separate room within your bathroom is another superb option. This can be done through fluted shower screens and simple bathroom renovations such as freestanding tubs placed in the centre of your bathroom. Elements like ambient lighting, natural woods, and neutral colours will help elevate this into a quiet luxury bathroom.

Glass shower screen

Our bathroom trends list will only be complete with some a glass shower screen. These come in various shapes and sizes, we’d recommend going with the curves of the room and the rest of the bathroom. This bathroom design choice will allow you to create a seamless bathroom design schemes throughout your home. Like we said, bathroom spaces don’t have to be boring and can be experimented with throughout your home.

Freestanding bathub

A freestanding bathtub is a beautiful solution when you want your home to feel more spacious. They aid in luxury and feel a little extravagant to those with traditional aesthetics within their home. They also allow in creating a clutter free environment and an aesthetic appeal that’s simply glorious.

Are grey bathrooms on trend?

While not out of trend, grey is becoming a colour of the past. It won’t look tacky, but it is certainly being pushed out by the innovators and designers looking to bring more life into bathrooms. With more and more technology taking up space in our home, a more colourful bathroom is an important choice to make, so you should pass on grey in your bathroom.

Think about the accents.

Details are essential in bathrooms. If you’re looking for green walls then copper accents with your taps can create a lovely atmosphere. If you want an off-white wall with marble bathroom tiles, choosing gold could be a suitable option. Don’t be scared to sway if you need to.

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