A Guide to Acrypol, the best Roofing Paint on the Market?

Acrypol+ is a semi-liquid paint that is applied using a brush or squeegee (we prefer  the brush). It dries to form an ultra-tough, seamless, and flexible overlay that is ideal for waterproofing and general property maintenance.

It can be applied during damp weather conditions and still provide a long-term solution to waterproofing problems. The coverage rate for Acrypol+ is between 1kg/m² and 2kg/m², depending on the surface porosity and texture.

When applied to a damp surface, it should first be worked into the surface with a brush or squeegee in a circular motion to remove excess moisture and ensure total adhesion before brushing out fully.

How does Acrypol compare to Cromapol?

Typically, we recommend Cromapol due to the economical sense, especially during rough times such as a recession. Nonetheless, Acrypol is a well-established name and you can’t go wrong on using it if you feel safer investing into potentially a more premium product.

Limits on Acrypol usage

You need to keep in mind that Acrypol+ has some limitations. It is not suitable for balconies or walking surfaces, nor is it recommended for wood surfaces, fishponds, or internal uses. The user must ensure that Acrypol+ is suitable for the intended use by sealing air conditioning vents for a minimum of 24 hours during and after application. Safety data is available upon request, and it is imperative to read the label carefully for essential health and safety information.

Buying Acrypol and its Technical Data

Acrypol is widely available via online stores and local roofing merchants. Acrypol+ is available in two variations: Acrypol+ (with fibres) and Acrypol+ (fibre free). Both versions have a slight gloss finish and have a drying time of 24 hours.

The volume solids for Acrypol+ (with fibres) is 53% and for Acrypol+ (fibre free) is 52%. The VOC (g/l) for Acrypol+ (with fibres) is 453 and for Acrypol+ (fibre free) is 463. The specific gravity for both versions is 1.09 to 1.13.

The United Kingdom’s municipalities and maintenance contractors recognise Acrypol’s versatility.

Abbey Wilson
Abbey Wilson
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