6 Shed Inspiration Ideas for Homeowners

We have come up with this superb guide on some of the best shed styles for your modern home or traditional home. From tiny cozy sheds to glamorous ones that can be transformed into a home office, this list will have you craving a new shed.

The Dark Look

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and modern-feeling look, then you might want to consider black, or dark gray colors such as anthracite gray. When your home needs a bit more space, you may also be able to find a mini-office within your shed or simply use it as a place to store your tools and lawnmower.

Compact & Cheerful

Don’t worry if you run out of space in your garden. Everyone knows a lot of newly built homes struggle with garden space but having a shed can seem like a priority. Choosing the above option will be the perfect solution to store small things such as some basic gardening tools like shovels, trowels and pots.

Window-heavy shed

While typical sheds may only have one or no windows, choosing a window option is a great way to bring natural light into your shed and avoid using LED lights. You can also choose to add a window later, but we recommend reading a guide for this option. Typically, sheds like these come with prebuilt panels and there are many tradespeople that can assist you with assembling them.

Natural Wood Shed

Natural wooden sheds are another option for many homes. Firstly, they are timeless in appearance and tend to bring in a countryside-look to homes situated in crowded suburban areas that seek an escape factor. Moreover, these sheds are quite widely available throughout most DIY and home-focused shops.

Shed with a Deck

A shed with a deck can be used in many ways if you have a large garden. It is possible to put in a jacuzzi or simply have some deck chairs to relax on — the possibilities are endless. We would typically recommend hiring a professional to build this type of shed as it does require some serious work. We recommend putting solar lights outside too for visibility and if you have the budget, you can put sensor-based lights on the side of the shed to detect movement.

The Garden Office

Having a home is great but space can be an issue for many people. That’s why opting for a garden office (less of a shed) is a terrific way to have two spaces within your home you can go-to. Also, having such a space has many health benefits, especially if you choose to have a lot of light in your office, as well as helping you separate work from your house even though it is only a few metres away.

Abbie Wilson
Abbie Wilson has years of experience in the DIY & construction field having covered roofing, plumbing, and general DIY for various award-winning publications.

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