5 Tool Storage Boxes to Buy in 2023

Keeping your tools safe and in one-place is a fantastic way to ensure you get your projects done on time and with less stress than needed. So, in this helpful article, we’ll look at some of our favourite storage boxes to buy in 2023. From Stanley to Milwaukee, we’ll cover our favourites.

Stanley FatMax Pro-Stack Deep Drawer

With its removable cups and covered lids, the Pro-Stack storage system offers convenient access to the needed items. It provides versatile solutions for organizing fixings and accessories. As well as providing easy access to the necessary fixings when needed, the Pro-Stack system is also specifically designed to transport and carry Pro-Stack modules. It lets you connect and customize multiple units according to the needs of a jobsite, ensuring efficient organization and accessibility.

Using Pro-Stack’s modular design, users can connect and customize multiple units based on their needs. In addition, the storage system comes with removable covers, so little parts and accessories can be organized effectively. So you don’t get misplaced or confused, everything stays where it should be.

The Pro-Stack units are equipped with a bi-material handle on top, so lifting and carrying is easy and comfortable. The ball bearing slides make the system more reliable, even when dealing with heavy loads. With 7.5 kg load capacity in each drawer, you’ll be able to store a lot of stuff safely.

Milwaukee PACKOUT Mobile Toolbox

The Milwaukee PACKOUT™ system offers unparalleled versatility by enabling the interchange and interlock of a wide range of tool storage solutions. It allows users to seamlessly connect and stack PACKOUT™ boxes, crates, drawers, organisers, and work surfaces, providing exceptional customization options. Additionally, with the use of an adaptor, it can even be integrated with heavy-duty tool boxes, further expanding its compatibility and functionality. With over 100 ways to stack a PACKOUT™, users have the freedom to configure their storage system according to their specific needs and preferences.

Milwaukee PACKOUT™ has revolutionized the way tools are transported, organized, and stored across various trades. Its innovative design empowers users to create a tailored solution that suits their requirements perfectly. The foundation of the system is the PACKOUT™ Rolling Toolbox, which features 9-inch all-terrain wheels. These wheels are specifically designed to effortlessly maneuver over rough surfaces typically encountered on job sites. The toolbox incorporates an industrial-grade extension handle that can support box loads of up to 113kg. Furthermore, the wide handle ensures a comfortable grip during transportation, minimizing strain and maximizing convenience for users.

Milwaukee PACKOUT Shallow Toolbox

Using impact-resistant polymers to ensure durability, this tool storage solution by Milwaukke has been built to withstand jobsite conditions. With an IP65 weather seal, it keeps contents dry and debris out in outdoor environments. The storage system is stronger and more secure because it has metal reinforced corners and a metal reinforced locking point.

With the storage solution, you can arrange smaller items more efficiently with organizer trays. The ONE-KEYTM TICKTM has a specially designated mounting location, so it’s easy to store. Also included in the large box is a metal reinforced handle at the top, so it’s easier to carry and transport.

DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 DS300 Toolbox

In addition to its durability and functionality, the DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 Toolbox includes patented auto-connect side latches, so you can operate it with just one hand. A 2-piece metal wire front latch makes the toolbox extra durable when it’s locked up. You get 20% more tool storage when you combine it with the 2.0 DS166 49421 and DS400 87287 towers.

It’s IP65 rated for dust and water resistance, so it can withstand harsh conditions. With a 50 kg load capacity, it can hold heavy tools. The removable inner tray allows for optimal organization, so users can customize the storage layout according to their needs. ToughSystem 2.0 Toolbox also works with all ToughSystem products, so it can be easily integrated.

Erbauer Connecx Modular Storage Box

The Erbauer Connecx toolbox has an IP rating and an integrated seal so its contents are protected from dust and water. It’s stackable, so it’s compatible with all Erbauer Connecx Modular Storage System products. In addition to being able to build and customize a storage system according to their specific needs, the tool box is also backed by a 5-year guarantee.

With its stackable design, the tool box can easily be combined with other Erbauer Connecx Modular Storage System products, allowing users to create a variety of configurations that work for them. It’s got an extra large storage capacity, so you’ll have plenty of room for tools and equipment. It holds and transports a lot of stuff securely with a weight limit up to 40kg.

Even in dusty and wet environments, the IP55 seal keeps the contents safe. In order to boost security, the tool box can be locked with a padlock or, if stacked with Erbauer Connecx, with a central locking bar. The tool box is also eco-friendly, since it’s made from 60% recycled stuff.

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