5 Reasons to Buy Blog Posts for Your Company

Delivering a great marketing strategey requires some tough thinking. With the SEO space being so crowded, time is of the essence, luckily you can buy blog posts to help your organic growth.

In this article, we’ll look at five great reasons on why you should acquire blog posts for your company website by outsourcing the writing itself.

Cheaper than in-house wriers

Yes, outsourcing our blog writing is cheaper than hiring in-house writers. Before it gets heated, let’s compare the two sides.

If you’re hiring a junior full-time writer you’ll be paying around £100-150 day rate. In that time, they’ll likely produce 1 or 2 blogs a day. Now, externally hired writer could produce 5 to 7 pieces for the same price with just as much quality. They will certainly be quality blog posts with solid keyword research at only a fraction of a cost.

You also don’t have to think about training, firing, or even other benefits that may cost you when you hire people in-house.

Gives You More Time

Giving your blog to freelance writers or agencies you give yourself more time to work on the important bits, the sales, the marketing strategies and further growth for your business. While writing a blog isn’t beneath you it certainly is not as important as growing your business as the forefront of deals and negotations.

Strategy Development Through Blog Content

By pumping out content on your blog, more analytics will become available to you. This array of analytics will allow you to disect the good and the bad when it comes to what works in your niche. For example, if you run a restaurant franchise you may figure out locations that could work well for you purely from a user demographic data. You could also figure out what products could sell that you simply don’t list on your eCommerce platform. There are many possibilites, so switching to outsourcing is a big bonus.


The biggest problem companies face with blogs is consistency. Yes, while you may put 2 or 3 blogs a week it won’t be enough to beat your competitors who put out 3 or 5 a day. Those numbers will become more divided as times go and the seperation between your competition and you will be massive.

By implementing freelance writers you can develop a consistent publishing schedule which will allow you to scale faster.

Positive ROI

Spending a thousand pounds on blogs a year may seem like a big expense but organic reach has a big bonus when it comes to your bottom line. Companies have seen major growth through lead generation and eCommerce sales that come purely from blogs. So, don’t be scared and take the first step into the future by hiring content writers.

Abbey Wilson
Abbie Wilson has years of experience in the DIY & construction field having covered roofing, plumbing, and general DIY for various award-winning publications.

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