5 Essential Work Gloves to Buy for DIY Work in 2023

From garden work to your general DIY inside your home, gloves are one of the most essential pieces of safetywear to buy before proceeding with any type of work. From keeping your fingers safe from cuts to ensuring your hands don’t get stung by any nasty chemicals from silicones or paint. Safety gloves are a must. In this post, we’ll look at some of our favourite work gloves to buy for DIY.

Site 320 Nitrile Foam Coated Gloves (Red & Black)

Designed for general handling tasks, these Site safety gloves come with knitted cuffs that keep hands cool and keep sweat at bay. They come with knitted cuffs for extra comfort. With breathable backs and liner, your hands will stay cool and sweat less. The gloves also have straight thumbs, so they’re easy to move and flexible. If they need to be cleaned, you can hand wash them.

Stanley Vibration Absorbing Performance Gloves

Designed for specialist handling tasks, these Stanley gloves combine a variety of materials for protection and functionality. A 50% goatskin leather palm gives these gloves great grip and durability. A 45% spandex back provides breathability and flexibility. A 5% gel pad reduces vibrations, makes power tools more controllable and prevents hand fatigue on the gloves. The back of the hand is also protected by knuckle and nail guards.

A breathable back keeps hands comfortable during extended use. The straight thumb design ensures natural movement and flexibility for precise handling. For maintenance, wipe them on the surface. The gloves also come with a wipe pad that’s designed to wipe your brows, so they’re convenient and versatile.

With abrasion resistance of 3, blade cut resistance of 2, cut resistance of X, puncture resistance of 2, and tear resistance of 3, the gloves have a rating of 3. Injuries and hazards can be protected against by these ratings.

Scruffs Trade Shock Impact Work Gloves

Its gel-padded palms allow the hands to maintain a secure grip and increase control and performance while performing general handling tasks. These gloves provide optimal comfort, grip, and protection during general handling tasks. They are equipped with an Abratect panel, adding durability and resilience to withstand demanding tasks. The gloves feature knuckle protection, enhancing safety and comfort during work.

The gloves work with touchscreens, so you don’t have to take them off to use the device. Increasing the cuff length enhances overall comfort and provides a better fit. Ventilation holes are incorporated into the design, promoting breathability and reducing sweating.

The gloves are made by Scruffs brand and have been tested and certified to meet EN 388 ( 29% rubber, 24% PVC, 18% polyester, 13% nylon, 9% hexanol, 6% PU, and 1% spandex make up the material. They come in an extra-large size and are designed in a black and gray color scheme, perfect for both men and women. They’re leather coated for added durability and grip. You can hand wash them.

Showa 306 Gloves

These gloves by Showa are made for general handling tasks, with elastic cuffs for added comfort and a secure fit. The breathable fabric keeps hands cool, preventing discomfort. With a seamless lining, these gloves offer a smooth and comfortable fit even after prolonged use. The wing thumb design allows natural movement and flexibility. They’re also machine washable, so they’re easy to clean. Moreover, they have been tested and certified to meet the EN 388:2016 standard (

With 88% nylon, 10% polyester, and 2% polyurethane in the liner, and 100% natural rubber latex in the coating, they are available in a large size and come in blue and black. The gloves come with a reliable latex grip coating for improved dexterity and control. The gloves are machine washable, so they’re easy to clean and convenient. With their seamless lining, they provide a comfortable fit.

Wonder Grip WG-1855HY U-FEEL Protective Work Gloves High-Viz

A breathable fabric and liner keep hands cool and reduce discomfort during extended wear with Wonder Grip WG-1855HY U-FEEL gloves. The elasticated cuffs keep hands secure and comfortable. These gloves are machine washable too, so you can clean and maintain them easily to keep them in good shape. They have pre-curved fingers, which promote flexibility and reduce hand strain.

Made by Wonder Grip, these gloves are 37% polyester and spandex, 32% polyester and elastic, and 31% nitrile. They come in a large size and in a high-visibility yellow and black color combination. These gloves come in nitrile, which makes them durable and grip-proof. With a breathable liner, they’re comfortable even when worn for a long time. Machine washable, so they’re easy to clean. These gloves come with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee, so you can be sure of their quality. They’re called WG-1855HY U-FEEL, and they come in a single package. Featuring abrasion resistance of 4, blade cut resistance of 1, cut resistance of X, puncture resistance of 1, and tear resistance of 2, these gloves are great for mechanical hazards.

Abbie Wilson
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