18 Plumber Jokes & Puns to Make You Laugh

A plumber’s job requires patience, skill, speed, and a certain amount of patience in order to deal with difficult situations within any modern home. We will look at some of the best plumber jokes, puns, and one-liners in this post, including some that are well known and some that are not so well known. We promise you, these jokes won’t drain you.

Plumbing Jokes & Puns

  • What do plumbers, garbagemen, and economists all have in common? They all deal with gross domestic product.
  • Why was the local plumber depressed? His career went down the toilet.
  • What veggies does the plumber hate? Leeks.
  • Why was the plumber tired? His work was draining.
  • Why do Scottish men never call a plumber? Because they are pipers themselves.
  • Why did the plumber get arrested and sentenced? Plumber’s crack.
  • What is the main plumbing issue that Eskimos face in their igloos? They have the problem of frozen pipes.
  • What musical instrument does a plumber play? The pipe.
  • Why was the plumber irritated with the client? Because the client was throwing all their ideas down the drain.
  • The plumber was offered the role of a submarine commander due to his skillset for sinking things.
  • When the plumbers faced off in a competition, the announcer exclaimed, “Something is about to go down over here!”
  • What is the similarity between a plumber and an espresso machine? They both know how to drain.
  • What do you call when all the plumbers come together to have an impromptu dance? You call it the flush mob.
  • What’s the plumbers go-to Halloween costume? Super Mario!
  • Why did the man stop himself from becoming a full-time plumber? Because he did not have the courage to take the plunge.
  • Why did people find the new plumber so friendly? The new plumber always went with the flow.
  • Plumbers have a great eye for picking the best tea. They always pick the first flush.
  • Why was the wrestler so good at plumbing? He was known for dropping pipe bombs.
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