17 Electrician Jokes & Puns to Make You Laugh

Being an electrician can certainly be a challenging job. From big warehouse jobs to simple household installations that require basic knowledge, make this role varied and challenging. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most hilarious and funniest jokes known in the electrician trade.

Electrician Jokes & Puns

  • My mate told me how electricity is measured and I was like Watt!
  • If you plant a light bulb in your garden, does it grow into a power plant?
  • An electrician is a bright spark who knows what’s watt.
  • People are usually shocked when they find out I’m not a very good electrician.
  • Electricians have to strip to make ends meet.
  • Aging electricians never die, they just keep plugging away.
  • I used to date an electrician. He was shocking in bed.
  • I told my dad I’m dating an electrician. He was in shock.What do you call a detective electrician? Sherlock Ohms.
  • Why are electricians always up to date? Because they are current specialists.
  • Why was the thermometer smarter than the average electrician? Because it had more degrees.
  • My electrician friend was laid off today. He was de-lighted.
  • What was the best part about the antennas getting married? The reception was outstanding.
  • What’s the favorite pokemon of electricians? Electrode.
  • What kind of car did the electrician drive? A Volts-wagon.
  • A sweater I bought was picking up static electricity. So, I returned it to the store. They gave me another one free of charge.
  • My ex-wife cheated on me with the plumber, the electrician, and carpenter. She was a jack off all trades
  • What’s an electrician’s favorite store? The electrical outlet!Which is an electrician favorite band ? AC/DC.


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