17 Car Mechanic Jokes & Puns to Make You Laugh

Being a car mechanic can be a fantastic job, fixing and even, at times modifying cars and vehicles for road-legal purposes. With the oily substances and at times stressful situations cracking a joke or two can be helpful, and thus we decided to write this article on some of the best jokes on car mechanics. We hope you find it funny.

Car Mechanic Jokes & Puns

  1. Asked the mechanic why my car engine was humming. He said it was probably because he didn’t know the words.
  2. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the mechanic.
  3. Why did the car mechanic have trouble fixing an automatic gearbox? Because he only has a manual.
  4. What did the mechanic say to his wife after a long day’s work? “That was exhausting.”
  5. What did the disgruntled customer say to the mechanic? “You auto know better!”
  6. A horse walks into a car service shop. The car mechanic says “You’ll need body shop for that long face”
  7. Why did the Swiss man take his car to a mechanic? It kept getting stuck in neutral.
  8. A mechanic with an eye problem probably just needs new blinker fluid.
  9. Think the mechanic in my local garage has amnesia. Took my car for a new light bulb, and he asked me what year it was.
  10. Which toilet does the Tesla driver go to? The females, of course.
  11. Some local mechanics took a steam train for a service, but the vicar said it was blocking the aisle.
  12. She said she only rides German, so I bought her a BMW. I didn’t realise she meant men — goodman you Jürgen.
  13. What has more lights than a Christmas tree? A BMW’s dashboard.
  14. If Porsche is the Rolex of cars, then Tesla is the Hublot of watches. Boring and has zero value when looking under the bonnet.
  15. A girl who swallows is like owning a BMW, You don’t need it, but it’s nice to have.
  16. There are two reasons I don’t take my girlfriend on longs drives in my Beamer. One I don’t have a girlfriend. Two I don’t have a BMW.
  17. What never needs maintenance on a BMW? The turn signal lightbulb.
Abbie Wilson
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